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Did you know ... our Justice System is based upon Old Testament Values?
Discover why ... in this brilliant & humorously written novel.

Amorous Memoirs of a Former Trial Lawyer
By Anderson Andrews
Sometimes 'the Law' becomes the Darkness.
But from Darkness ... can come Light.

This is a fictional novel that's based on true events ... about a young attorney who wanted to become a successful and wealthy trial lawyer.
It tells his story from the early beginnings and how he eventually achieved his goal ... often with the help of angels ... but success can also come at a price ... for him, it was the experience of darkness.
This is a transformational book that's fun to read ... it's humorous, dramatic, and informative ... one you'll never forget.

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New 2019 1st Edition ... 340 Pages ... 6 x 9 Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-944788-85-8 ... contains many photographs
Tags: Legal Justice, Memoirs, Angels in the Courtroom

          Was he an attorney at law … or an attorney outlaw? 
                    You will be the judge in this humorous, satirical, and dramatic story about the life and times of a former trial lawyer who pursued the American Dream of attaining financial success during his twenty-year law practice. However, his experiences were not at all ordinary. 
              Like many professionals, in his quest for financial freedom, he became lost in the game of making money, often neglecting the ethical, and becoming a risk-taker ... so, after ten long years, and finally achieving his goal, he fell prey to a three-year-long audit by the IRS.    
                 After that, his world began to eventually unravel and he was faced with a choice.
                 Would he take a huge gamble, or surrender to adversity and lose everything he'd achieved?
                Regardless of his choice, it seemed his angel friends had some plans of their own.
                Come and explore the Dark Side and discover what our legal justice system is like.

            This is a story based on true events … about a lawyer, who wasn’t always so down-to-earth, but always tried his best to remain as 'morally flexible' as possible.
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